Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Storage Solutions

When it comes to renovating kitchens, our clients sure do like to incorporate accessories that help make their space more user-friendly. We totally understand why! Adding accessories that help keep your items in order and more organized gives you an overview of what items you have, where they are located, and helps to keep your kitchen structured. So, we compiled a list of our client’s top 5 favorite organizing items which you could incorporate into your own kitchens! Check them out below!

Organize the Spice!

I think we can all relate when it comes to having many spices. Especially when it comes to the classic tale of buying multiples when you already have one stuck in the back of your cabinet. Well, something so simple and easy to implement is a spice organizer in your drawer! With a spice organizer, you have a full view of what spices you have, and you could even go a stretch further and put them in alphabetical order.

Pull Out Pantries

A pull-out pantry is another genius invention. It’s basically a mechanism that allows you to pull-out the entire contents of your cabinet without having to take things out to find what you need in the very back. This is not only a time-saver but a sanity-saver!

Roll-out Drawers

Who would have thought these would come in handy? Well, we sure figured that out pretty quick. Our clients LOVE being able to open up their cabinet and rollout a tray and have a full overview of what the contents are. This especially comes in handy with pantries!

Tray Divider

A tray divider is also one of those simple things that make your life so much easier! A cabinet with a tray divider allows you to store cookie sheets, cutting boards, platters, and other flat items with ease!

Blind Cabinet with Accessories

A blind cabinet without an accessory such as a slide out tray will make you blind (pun intended!) to what’s in the back of the cabinet. Blind cabinets can be deep, dark, and hard to organize without some help! That’s why our clients love incorporating some sort of accessory to help them out!

What cabinet accessories can’t you live without?!