Bright Bathroom Spaces

When you think of a bathroom space, what do you envision? Well, we all have different styles and tastes and we cater to them all. Whether you want a bath designed to have a spa-like feel, or possibly a more masculine space with deep colors and richness in finishes, we design all ends of the spectrum. There are many styles, colors, and finishes available that can help create the “mood” of a space. Well today, we are going to dig into bright bathroom spaces. These spaces are full of elements that give a bright and airy feel through its color scheme, finishes, and use of natural light. We hope these spaces give you a good feeling because they sure make us feel happy!

Light and Bright With Warm Accents

This space utilizes a layout which provides lots of natural lighting from the windows spreading throughout the space. The light finishes of the cabinetry and the warmness of the accent tiles really keep this space looking nice and bright.

Open and Airy

 The use of large open glass for the shower really brightens up the space and opens it up, and the expertly placed vanities on each side of the window provide natural lighting for each user. Overall, this space smartly uses color to its advantage because its a large space making it a little more intimate and cozy. Whats not to like?!

Light and Bright Like a Cloud

This frosted glass on the shower is everything. It gives just enough privacy for those showering while also diffusing natural light throughout the space. The soft blue tones compliment the natural lighting, giving a calming and serene cloud-like feel. What’s not to love?

A Spa-Like Bath

Imagine soaking in this bath with those cucumber slices on your eyes and an exfoliating facemask…ahhh. Nice, huh? We love the brightness of this space with the natural lighting beaming through the windows and the light finishes. The marble-like quartz facing of the tub gives just enough softness to the space. Who wouldn’t want to relax in this tub?!