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10 Kitchen Islands We Love!

Kitchen islands are a commodity these days. People view islands as an upgrade or a statement, which we agree, but they are also very functional! Islands are great for extra counter space, extra storage, a place for seating, and the list goes on. And since we’re speaking of islands, have you seen our blog about […]

Flashback Friday Feature

It’s the first Friday of the month and time for another Flashback! This month we feature a bright and yummy kitchen – just in time for summer! The pops of yellow and displays of décor is sure to give you a little buzz and fill you with energy. We love this space and hope you […]

What’s Your Cabinet Style?

One of the most noticeable spaces in your home has to be the kitchen. It’s the space where we cook, hang out, and it’s truly the heart of the home. The look of your cabinets is one way to make a statement in the space. So, today we’re talking about kitchen cabinet styles. With the […]

We Love Designing With Herringbone!

Herringbone here, herringbone there, herringbone everywhere! Herringbone is a great pattern to use to add pattern and texture to a space. Not only is it elegant, but it can be used in many different applications. When we design with the herringbone pattern, we create it with rectangular pieces of tile, and our talented tile installers […]

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Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Tired of your kitchen? Ready to rip everything out and start over? With the amount of time we spend in our kitchens, not just cooking but hanging out too, it’s wise to say that it is one of the most important spaces in your home. Of course you’d want it to be top notch! So, […]

Flashback Friday Feature: June

When we get the opportunity to design a loft bar, we run with it! With a little bit of change of “design” pace, we hit the design table with lots of fun ideas. So, how does one design a loft bar? Well, in this particular space we wanted to give it a modern and masculine […]

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To Remodel or to Update Your Space?

To remodel your kitchen, or to update your kitchen? It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? How do you choose? Well, there are spaces that are great contenders for a remodel and spaces that are great contenders for updates. So, what’s the difference? Well, with a remodel you have a more invasive approach where you are […]

Same Kitchen Layout, Different Renovation Styles

We recently embarked on two kitchen renovations that in a way became a sort of a case study. It was really interesting because we had these two kitchens starting with the same layout and similar finishes, but with the Snappy Kitchens treatment they became very different and unique to one another. It’s not often we […]

Flashback Friday Feature: May

We love a good bathroom success story! The original state of this bathroom had good, modern bones, but needed new finishes. Without changing the great layout it already had, we managed to give this space a brand new look! The main goal of the space was to replace the orange hues with more updated tones, […]

Master Bath Must-Haves

Today’s master baths are becoming more and more a space of serenity and luxury. With its humble beginnings as a simple room for a shower and personal care, it’s turning into a habitat for escape and relaxation. Some would say, a ‘spa-like’ experience. With master baths becoming more and more significant, it is important that […]