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Choosing The Right Hardware For Your Cabinetry

When it comes to selecting hardware for your cabinetry, you’re in for a world of options, options, options! So how do you choose the right one? Well, there is no right or wrong answer, but we can give you some tips and tricks in narrowing it down in! In the hardware world, you have several […]

Designing a Multi-Purpose Island

A kitchen island is a popular way to really utilize the space in a kitchen. Islands can hold many functions, provide extra storage, and can even be a place for seating. When we work with our clients, we are either adding functions to their current island or incorporating an island to a kitchen where space […]

Hiring a Contractor vs. DIY

When it comes time for a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom space, there may be many questions. One thing that’s probably crossed most of our client’s minds, is “Do I go the DIY route or do I leave it to the professionals?” There are many factors that can sway your decision, but probably the […]

A Farm-to-Table Kitchen

As of now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “farm-to-table”. It’s something of a relatively new concept that’s been swirling about the past few years… or is it? It’s a movement that’s meant for you to go directly to the farm and cut out the middleman: the market or store. Farm-to-table has gained so much […]

How to Incorporate Modern Elements to Your Kitchen

Many people are afraid to add modern elements to their home with the fear of going “too modern”. Well, fear not! What if we told you can add modern touches to your home all while keeping your home warm and inviting? Actually, we have many clients who are playing the field between modern and traditional, […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A Kitchen Transformed!

When we initially met with our clients, they expressed the need for modernization and updating. The original kitchen had good quality cabinetry but had standard finishes and lacked a little bit of design.  With utilizing this kitchen already good bones, and a “few” updates, it’s almost as if it’s a brand new kitchen!  This included […]

American Themed Cheesecake Bites

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July complete with fireworks, good food, and good times. Other than the exciting events and being in good company, what’s really fun about the Fourth are all the fun American themed things you can make in the kitchen! Yesterday, I saw many representations of this and it […]

Bright Bathroom Spaces

When you think of a bathroom space, what do you envision? Well, we all have different styles and tastes and we cater to them all. Whether you want a bath designed to have a spa-like feel, or possibly a more masculine space with deep colors and richness in finishes, we design all ends of the […]

Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Storage Solutions

When it comes to renovating kitchens, our clients sure do like to incorporate accessories that help make their space more user-friendly. We totally understand why! Adding accessories that help keep your items in order and more organized gives you an overview of what items you have, where they are located, and helps to keep your […]