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Why You Should Visit Our Showroom

Planning a renovation in the future? Then I assume you are looking for inspiration all over the internet, checking out Houzz, Pinterest, sifting through magazines, and well, you catch my drift. We totally understand how so many of these sites provide inspiration and honestly, these are places we go to for inspiration too! But we […]

Flashback Friday Feature – February

It’s First Friday Feature time, and today we share with you another wonderful project we turned from old and den-like to a space that makes you want to spend time in! Kitchens are, after all, the heart of the home – it’s a space where your meals are cooked, where you test out new recipes, […]

oak lawn kitchen remodeling

2017 Trend Predictions

2017 Trend Predictions As we roll into February, we’ve already learned a lot about what 2017 has to bring. From attending KBIS and gaining A LOT of great new ideas, to seeing what our clients bring to the table, we keep adding to our list of 2017 trend predictions! Some “trends” we’ve been using, and […]

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2017

KBIS 2017 Recap

KBIS 2017 has officially ended and it’s back to reality for many professionals in the kitchen and bath field. So, you may be wondering what KBIS is. Well, it stands for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, and it showcases the latest in kitchen and bath design (with over 500 vendors!), provides educational classes, networking, […]

Flashback Friday Feature

Hello 2017 and hello to a new year (and should we say hello to a kitchen or bath remodel on your behalf? Wink, wink)! Well, with a new year we want to feature a remodel we recently did that emphasizes many of the trends we love and that are here to stay for 2017! This […]

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Ways to do Tile at the Venthood

Backsplash is an essential feature of your kitchen to help prevent damage to your walls from water splashes, grease splashes, and food splatter. Plus, it’s one of those fun ways to add an interesting design element to your kitchen! Today, there are literally thousands of varieties of backsplash materials that come in a collection of […]

Wrapping up 2016!

As another great year is nearing the end, we are taking the time to reflect on 2016. This year we are celebrating 21 total clients, 3 of which were repeat customers, and 2 of which were referrals! In the spirit of our celebration and reflection, we thought it would be a fun to learn about […]

Pro’s and Con’s of the Farmhouse Sink

Ah, that gorgeous farm house sink. Traditionally, a farmhouse sink, also known as apron front sink, was used to hold large amounts of water. You see, back in the day people did not having running water and had to walk to the water source (such as a well), and use buckets to haul water back […]

Flashback Friday Feature

For this months “Flashback Friday Feature”, we bring you a kitchen and bar that went from outdated to updated in just a few weeks! Taking the bones of the existing cabinetry and updating them with new fronts gave this kitchen and bar a well deserved makeover. Before getting all the details, check out the BEFORE image below: […]

Sharing Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

As the cooler weather creeps in, we are getting more and more excited about the holiday season. So what comes with the holiday season? Well, all the good food of course! This year we came together and shared some of our favorite recipes with each other and will be serving them up at our annual […]