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Flashback Friday Feature: An On-Trend Kitchen

This super transformative kitchen has become one of our favorites when it comes to how much it changed! Plus, not only does It have all the qualities of what’s on trend, but also has qualities of what’s going to last long-term. We love the brightness of the white cabinets on the perimeter paired with the […]

Things to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel Part 2

Did you catch our part 1 of this series? Check it out for even more ideas if you happened to miss it! Today, we give you even more things to consider for your bathroom remodel. Again, it’s not just the cabinetry, but it’s the tile, the fixtures, the lighting and more that make up a […]

Things to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel Part 1

Considering a bathroom remodel? Have you considered all the design options out there? With bathrooms there are many elements that make up the space. Not only do you have cabinetry, but you have the tile, the fixtures, the lighting, and more. Compared to a kitchens, a bathroom remodel seem to make clients want to go […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A White and Powder Blue Kitchen

One of the biggest investments you can make in your home is in your kitchen. Now with the Snappy Kitchens model, you don’t have to break the bank to get an updated kitchen with new finishes and a whole new look! Actually, that’s what started Snappy Kitchens, we quickly realized that a company that specialized […]

Different types of Vanity Faucets with Kohler

Could it be that the stars of bathroom spaces are the vanity faucets? Faucets can be interesting and beautiful, almost like a piece of art. So, when it comes to faucets there are so many to choose from! To start, there is the installation type, the type of style you want, then the type of […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting may be a surprising topic when it comes to kitchen remodeling, but it is actually a very important topic that needs special planning, even in the beginning stages of design. With Snappy kitchens projects, most of the time we do not have to worry about general lighting because our project scopes normally do […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A Classic Powder Bath

Our sister company was in full-swing with remodeling this client’s kitchen, so we set out to renovate their powder bath! The bathroom was already in great condition but just needed a little Snappy TLC.  With new door and drawer fronts, countertops, and plumbing fixtures, we were able to give this space a new look, all […]

Client Interview Post Project

Today, we are doing something a little different. We are sharing with you a client interview post-project! While we are fully aware of what goes on during the project, we don’t have to live through it. I mean, it is a big decision to go through a renovation and a lot of stress on your […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A Regal Masterbath

While our sister company was busy remodeling our client’s kitchen, we had the task of renovating their grand master bath. We say grand because size wise, this space could essentially be the size of a small apartment. The space was complete with high-beamed ceilings, stained glass window, and lots of space to work with. But, […]

4 Ways to Design an Epic Shower

While I am writing up this blog, I catch myself wondering what is the sole purpose of our master bathrooms? It may not have one single purpose, rather there are many! The bathroom is where we typically get dressed, do our grooming, do our hair, makeup, and our cleansing! Which is why I want to […]