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Playful Hardware Placement

We know that the hardware that is choosen can have a huge impact on the look of the kitchen, but the placement of that hardware can have an impact as well. The drawer front pictured here has a distinct look. This is due to the architecural details of the inset as well as the hardware [...]

Happening Hardware

The hardware that is chosen for the cabinets in the kitchen can help define the style of the whole kitchen. Changing the hardware is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your kitchen! Polished nickel finishes are becoming more popular and can be used for the faucet as well as the hardware. [...]

Functional Faucets

Faucets like the pullout spray style fixture pictured here can be both functional and beautiful. This stylish faucet has a nozzle that is both stationary and extendable. Instead of a side spray, the look is streamlined into the look of a one-piece faucet. This feature makes using the sink a breeze! For example, the pullout spray [...]

Tantalizing Tile

The Process, the big P word. It’s what holds so many of us back from change. But what if someone could eliminate the scary part of “the process” and make it, well, a SNAP? Welcome to Snappy Kitchens! This cool new concept for kitchens will blow you away and have you redesigning your small, outdated, underused or [...]
farm sinks - apron sink

Fabulous Farm Sinks

Farm sinks, or apron sinks, have been used since the nineteenth century. It doesn't matter what you decide to call them, this sink will surely bring style and flair to any kitchen! The versatility of this sink is shown in the wide variety of styles and finishes that are offered. The most common material is [...]

Glass Front Cabinets

Just like polished nickel finishes, glass door panels for kitchen cabinets are making a come-back! Glass front doors can be incorporated into many different styles and are a simple way to dramatically change the look of your entire kitchen. These cabinets can be used to display your kitchen utensils, dinnerware, and collectibles. The clear glass [...]

Simplicity Speaks in Snappy Kitchen

We've mentioned before how a beautiful backsplash can transform the look of your kitchen. As you can see in this Snappy Kitchens project, the linear accent of tile in the backsplash adds interest and style. We also used a mixture of natural and man-made stones to give the backsplash texture. The opposition of the earthy tones in [...]

A Snappy Kitchens Project

Snappy Kitchens is the place to go for your kitchen facelift. In this project in North Dallas, we upgraded this client’s kitchen with new countertops and backsplash, hardware, sink, and faucet. This particular Snappy Kitchens designer in Dallas was able to take them beyond the standard offerings to also add new flooring, lighting, and appliances. [...]

Polished Nickel Finishes

There was a day not too long ago when brushed and satin finishes were all-the-rage and people were steering well clear of polished finishes. But, not any more! While muted finishes are still very popular, polished nickel finishes are having a come-back in both modern and traditional kitchens with availability in almost any kind of hardware, from drawer pulls [...]

Beautiful Backsplashes

Want to know one of the quickest ways to go from ordinary to extraordinary in your kitchen? Install a beautiful new backsplash between your countertops and your cabinets. Our clients are amazed at the transformation that an interesting selection of tiles can make when well designed. Interesting patterns can easily blend natural and man-made stones or combine [...]