Katie's Kitchen Design & Tips

September 27, 2014

 All-white kitchens can be beautiful and timeless, but keeping them beautiful can be a real challenge. Everyday life doesn't always agree with a white kitchen - you may encounter stained sinks, yellowing cabinets and an accumulation of grease over time. Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen sparkling for as long as possible.

Shield the Sun - direct sunlight will cause white cabinets to yellow and fade. Be sure to have draperies, blinds, or window film added to windows near the kitchen.

September 20, 2014

A solid cutting board is a fixture in any kitchen. It acquires good seasoning like a cast iron skillet and can last for years. If you’d like your wooden cutting board to become a family heirloom, proper care and cleaning is key. Use these tips to keep your butcher block in good shape for years to come!

Place foods on different areas of the butcher block each time you use it to wear the entire surface equally instead of one specific spot.

September 13, 2014

Without hardware, a kitchen can feel incomplete – yet with the hundreds of options available to choose from, picking the perfect cabinet hardware can feel impossible. Here’s a few tips to help you narrow down the choices and finish your kitchen with a personal touch!

September 6, 2014

As one of the most underrated condiments on the shelf, it seems fitting that September is National Honey Month. Honey is a natural wonder that can be used in many unexpected ways. Did you know that Roman soldiers used to apply honey straight to their wounds? It cuts off air for bacteria and moisturizes.  A tablespoon of honey after brushing your teeth both induces sleep and protects your mouth from plaque as a natural bacteria fighter. You can replace granulated sugar in recipes with honey for a healthier, yet just as sweet, alternative.

August 30, 2014

It’s back-to-school time! The long Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get reorganized and truly ready for the new school year. Between all the shopping, prep work and (admit it) tears, take some time to consider creating a kitchen workstation for the family. Whether it’s as large as a window seat or as small as a slice of counter space, a designated spot for family planning is perfect for everyone. Especially when it’s well-planned and stocked with items designed to encourage organization.

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