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February 20, 2014

Now that spring is on it’s way, so is the itch to do some deep spring cleaning! And what better place to start than the main room in the home - your kitchen! Kitchens easily become the most popular room in the house, and sometimes the most neglected! With all the cabinets, appliances, nooks and crannies, it is also the most difficult to clean!

February 10, 2014

We always have New Year’s Resolutions every year, and without fail, people choose overwhelmingly that they are going to lose weight. Well let us help you eat healthy, and not worry about the weight loss, and if we are successful in healthy eating, the weight loss will take care of itself! There are many things that do and do not work, lets give you a few tips for healthy eating in the new year!

January 10, 2014

1. Flower pots for your kitchen window sill. You can pick these babies’ up for four bucks at home depot, or a dollar at your local dollar store.

2. Double sided tape. This should always be something you pay attention to.

3. Wax Paper: These are a little different in terms of footage in comparison to other stores, but it is still going to show up cheaper than than others.

4. Tin Foil: This is in the same boat as wax paper. It can be hard to compare, but it is without a doubt something that should be on this list.

December 31, 2013

We have a list of some ideas for your new years’ resolutions in your kitchen in the upcoming year.  Take a look at these ideas we have, and see if any of them suit you! 

December 13, 2013

So…..you have a chef in your life, and you are wondering, “what does a chef want for christmas?” Well, this would be a perfect place for you to pay attention. We are going to be going over the best ideas this Holiday season for the chef in your life. Without wasting anymore time, let go ahead and get into our list!

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