Kitchen Design Tips

Make sure to read these kitchen remodeling tips to find out how you can save money and get the most out of your kitchen remodel!

Make sure you understand the maintenance for different kitchen countertop materials and are ready and willing to follow the guidelines

Match the resiliency of the kitchen countertop material to your real life situation

Measure twice!

If you want an area where you can have stools and eat, ensure you have identified any necessary supports (e.g., corbel) for the overhang

Before you order new kitchen appliances, ensure that they will fit through all of the doorways and pathways leading to their final destination

The best way to decrease the cost of your project is to review your product selections.  Can you achieve a similar look with a less expensive product?

Consider doing a less expensive kitchen countertop and adding more decorative accent(s) to the backsplash

In the long run, decisions based on value and quality will be more lasting than a price-based decision

If what you want to do is more than your current budget, consider breaking the project into phases.  Common phases are:

  • Phase I: new kitchen countertop, sink and faucet – new backsplash
  • Phase II: refinish kitchen cabinetry, new hardware
  • Phase III: kitchen appliances

Go Green!

  • Add a recycling center
  • Add a composting center
  • When you update your kitchen lighting select energy efficient fixtures
  • Switch out your aging appliances with energy efficient appliances; try an induction cooktop
  • Use low VOC paint

To quickly and inexpensively update your kitchen:

  • Buy colored countertop appliances
  • Paint your island an accent color
  • Change out your kitchen hardware
  • Paint the walls
  • Install a new kitchen faucet

Want the look of a built in refrigerator at a fraction of the cost?  Install a counter depth unit

Think about what you store in your refrigerator (e.g., large platters for entertaining, pizza boxes, …) – would you benefit from a French door vs. Side-by-Side style

Organize your storage.  Use stock drawer dividers and shelf organizers to make your current cabinets more useful.

When replacing faucet(s) consider changing to an integrated spray as opposed to a side spray which results in a cleaner, sleeker sink deck

Measure sink base cabinet to ensure new sink you want will fit!

Before selecting a new kitchen sink, faucet, countertop surface, backsplash and/or appliances ask yourself:

  • “How do we use the space?” 
  • “What is the biggest pot/pan I will wash in the sink?”
  • “Do I need a sink large enough to soak large pots in?
  • “Which features are essential; which would be nice to have?”
  • “Where will I get the most bang for the buck?”

If you are interested in updating your lighting and/or appliances, check to see how many unused 110/120V and 220/240V circuits are available in your current electric panel

Kitchen Design Tips