2017 Trend Predictions

2017 Trend Predictions

As we roll into February, we’ve already learned a lot about what 2017 has to bring. From attending KBIS and gaining A LOT of great new ideas, to seeing what our clients bring to the table, we keep adding to our list of 2017 trend predictions! Some “trends” we’ve been using, and some are brand new. We love that our industry is always changing, but it also gives us fresh new ideas and trends to work with each and every day. Check some of the 2017 trend predictions below:

Two tone or Tuxedo Cabinetry

We love, love, love this trend prediction, and it’s definitely one we’ve used in the past. Whether it’s upper cabinets one color, and bottom cabinets another, or, perimeter cabinets one color and the island another color. It’s a great way to incorporate interest in your kitchen whether it’s big or small!

Two tone or Tuxedo Cabinetry in Dallas

Two tone Tuxedo Cabinetry in Highland Park


While texture is not a new concept, we are however seeing it being used more and more. From cabinetry to tile, pretty much any surface can have texture. Imagine an all-white kitchen (cabinets, counters, and backsplash), now add a 3d textured backsplash tile – instant interest! Texture is amazing because you can incorporate it into pretty much any application!

textured kitchen tile - dallas kitchens


While clients often bring in inspiration photos of kitchens they love, we are now seeing that more and more they make it their own space by putting their signature on it – whether it’s using a backsplash tile in their favorite color, or incorporating design and décor to their taste. Sometimes the inspiration even starts with a single piece of tile, or a paint chip; this is always a fun way to get design juices flowing!

personalized kitchens university park

Easy to maintain surfaces

We have this topic come up a lot and we get questions like: “Is it easy to clean?”, “How do I maintain it?” etc. Well, lucky for you there are easy to maintain surfaces out there! Our favorite has to be quartz surfaces. Quartz can pretty much handle anything and with an easy wipe down you’re good to go. “But I really want marble” Well, marble as you may know, requires a lot of love and care. So, if you’re willing to give quartz a try there are several marble (and granite) looks you can choose from.

easy to maintain kitchen counters

Modern Cabinetry

Yes, I am aware we are located in Texas, and yes, I am aware Texas tends to be more on the traditional side. Well, I am here to inform you that we’ve been seeing more modern cabinetry requests from our clients. I am not saying A LOT, but some, especially in the downtown areas and also neighborhoods that are rebuilding. If you’re into the clean and streamlined look, then modern cabinetry is the way to go.

modern kitchen cabinets

Colorful Accents (golds, reds, greens)

Utilizing colorful accents is a great way to personalize your kitchen space. The best way to do so is using a pop of color in the backsplash, or even in your fixtures and fittings (we love gold!)

colorful kitchen and bath accents