Alternative Tile Applications for Your home

You may think tile only suits installations such as backsplash and flooring, but did you know there are many other creative ways to use tile?! With all the different tile options out there today, there is something for every style and taste. If you’ve ever been to a tile showroom, you will have seen that that tile comes in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. With tile you can get pretty creative and play around with tile combinations to create a custom design unique to you; even changing the orientation of the tile gives completely different look! There are also other ways of getting creative with tile, such as tiling an unexpected area, such as a wall. Tiling something unexpected will give off the element of surprise to anyone who enters your home! So, let’s explore!


As mentioned above, tiling a wall is something different from the backsplash and flooring applications we are so used to seeing. Yes, you may see walls tiled in a bathroom to prevent water damage, but seeing it in an open space is a big surprise!

Back of Island

Now here’s a great idea for that blank and boring backside of the island –tile it! Don’t you love how this tile actually matches the backsplash and ties the whole space together? We love this elegant yet simple tile surprise! This is also a great idea for a weekend DIY in your space!

Wrapping Columns

How do we make columns a little more exciting? Well, you guessed it, wrap them in tile! Here we have a blue mosaic tile giving this kitchen a whimsical and bright look! And look, we even tiled the backside of the island for that added flair.


Fireplaces are another great way to add some pizazz to your space. With a fireplace you can keep it simple and just tile its surround, or for a big wow factor, you can go all the way up to the ceiling.

Bathroom Tile

Here we have a bathroom that creates a focal point at the vanity with the tile going from floor to ceiling. We love how the tile emphasizes the vanity area!

We also have a fun curved wall that we have tiled, created a neat and alternative focus in the bathroom!


This tiled hood is very unique (not something you’d want to try on your own!) and custom to the space. This hood has been tiled in handmade Spanish tile, which harmonizes with the overall style of the kitchen.

So now that you’ve seen some examples of how to use tile in different ways, let us know what your favorite is!