Erica Illions Named to NKBA Thirty Under 20 Class of 2018

The team at Snappy Kitchens design studio recently celebrated a distinguishing achievement. Erica Illions, lead designer, was named to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) Thirty Under 30, Class of 2018. “I feel so fortunate to work for a company that has given me the opportunities to accomplish everything I have,” Ellions said. “Without […]

November 09 2017 0Comment

Design Trends We Will Bring With Us To 2018!

Every year, we are reevaluating what the trends are. What’s going out and what is here to stay? Well, trends don’t necessarily come and go that quickly. Actually, many trends tend to stick for years and become trends that can stand the test of time. Some trends even make a comeback after being on hiatus […]

November 03 2017 0Comment

Flashback Friday Feature

The very first thing you may notice about the original kitchen is that the original cabinets are quite orange. On top of that, the wallpaper in the space was a beige-ish-yellow tone, making the whole space very dull with no sense of brightness or contrast. After meeting with our client’s for the first time, one […]

October 26 2017 0Comment

Granite vs. Quartz – Which Do You Choose?

It’s the question we receive quite frequently from our clients, “Do we go for granite or do we go for quartz?”. Well, each of these materials has their own benefits and possibly also some downsides, but overall, one is not better than the other. It really all depends on your preference of the look you want, […]

October 06 2017 0Comment

Flashback Friday Feature

We must admit, we’ve got yet another show-stopping transformation! With keeping the cabinetry boxes (though few had to be replaced), swapping out drawer and drawer fronts with new ones, and updating all the finishes – we managed to give this space a renovation that could be confused for a full remodel! The combination of a […]

September 28 2017 0Comment

Wood Tile Floors

Have you noticed all the rage with using “wood tile” as opposed to actual wood? When our clients started to request this material more and more, we began to question why this material was so popular and began to wonder if our clients were forgetting about real wood. Well, turns out wood-tile is so attractive […]

September 14 2017 0Comment

The Snappy Kitchens Design Process As Told By Our Designer

Curious about what our design process is? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how we go from initial contact to completed project, then today is your lucky day! Even better, today we will have the process told by our Snappy Kitchens designer, so you get a more of an inside view of how we go from […]

September 01 2017 0Comment

Flashback Friday Feature

As a kitchen design firm, we love transforming spaces to fit our clients’ styles and needs. Plus, it makes our job that much easier when a client knows precisely what they want, and how they want it. That’s just the case for this kitchen! We began with discussing layout and functionality, new appliances, and new […]

August 31 2017 0Comment

Alternative Tile Applications for Your home

You may think tile only suits installations such as backsplash and flooring, but did you know there are many other creative ways to use tile?! With all the different tile options out there today, there is something for every style and taste. If you’ve ever been to a tile showroom, you will have seen that […]

August 17 2017 0Comment

Painting Cabinets? Not as DIY as You Think

We’ve all been at the point in our lives where we want change, and we want it now! Well, same goes for the spaces in our homes. We may grow tired of the color scheme so we paint the walls, or maybe the couch is old and you’ve been eyeing a new one, or you […]