February 07 2012 0Comment

Put Inconvenience on the Chopping Block

      Amateur and professional chefs both know that one of the most important things to consider in your kitchen is layout. Nothing is more annoying than realizing the ingredient you need right now is on the other side of the kitchen or being forced to walk what feels like a half mile just to throw [...]
February 03 2012 0Comment

Look Before You Touch!

How many times have you used your fingers to discover (the hard way) that the water running is in fact scalding hot? How often have you turned on cold water and been forced to waitforever before it turns warm? Well, wait no more. This LED Faucet Light($19.99) from Think Geek turns blue when the water [...]
January 18 2012 0Comment

Kitchen Remodels – A Good Business Decision

If you are like the rest of us, you have probably spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the past couple of months. From Thanksgiving through the welcoming of the new year, the kitchen seems to be at the heart of every gathering and activity. If you have an old or outdated kitchen, [...]

Stylish Stone

A new trend is popping up in kitchen design. The use of fasion inspired colors and textures in the hard surface materials, such as countertops and backsplashes, is becoming increasingly popular. In keeping with this trend, Antolini has produced this new line of stone surfaces; the Natura Collection. This collection of stone changes their outward appearance [...]
November 10 2011 0Comment

Vexing Vents

This new vent hood by Zodiac proves that even the mundane aspects of your kitchen can be beautiful. The new and improved hood is made to meet the expectations of modern customers. The stylish exterior is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen design with Zodiac's signature mix of stainless steel and black glass panel. [...]
November 04 2011 0Comment

Waste Not, Want Not

As the "green" trend gains momentum we are seeing more and more products such as this one. This particular product sells itself as a removable kitchen sink. This sink accessory by Hughie works on the principle of waste-water recycling and addresses the global concern of water shortage! This eco-friendly, biodegradable sink collects 80 % of [...]
November 01 2011 0Comment

Outdoor Refrigerator

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a refrigerator made for the great outdoors! To round out that great outdoor space, think about adding this sleek refrigerator. U-Line’s outdoor units come with a fully wrapped stainless steel cabinet and door to withstand the elements. The Outdoor Refrigerator measures 24” wide and provides 5.4 cu. ft. of storage [...]
October 19 2011 0Comment

Recycled Glass Countertops

Vetrazzo is a line of glass surfaces made of 100% recycled glass and invented by a scientist in California back when "green" was just a color. Not only is this product good for the environment but it is good for homeowners, as it adds beauty and boldness to any space. Whether you use this material [...]
October 10 2011 0Comment

Sensational Smart Home

This particular "smart" home was custom designed for an Army Specialist who is our country's first surviving quadruple amputee. Through donations, the home was presented to this brave soldier to accommodate his unique needs. The home focuses on high-tech automation equipment, including Kohler and TOTO faucets and Quoizel lights that automatically turn on and off; kitchen [...]
October 06 2011 0Comment

Amazing Tiles from Ann Sacks

We know that an accent tile can bring a sense of awe to yourbacksplash and this tile will not disappoint! Updating your kitchen tile backsplash is an easy way to bring your boring kitchen back to life. This tile, from Ann Sacks, is the perfect example of the revitalizing powers of tile. As part of the new series [...]