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Flashback Friday Feature: June

When we get the opportunity to design a loft bar, we run with it! With a little bit of change of “design” pace, we hit the design table with lots of fun ideas. So, how does one design a loft bar? Well, in this particular space we wanted to give it a modern and masculine […]

remodel or update kitchen and bathroom

To Remodel or to Update Your Space?

To remodel your kitchen, or to update your kitchen? It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? How do you choose? Well, there are spaces that are great contenders for a remodel and spaces that are great contenders for updates. So, what’s the difference? Well, with a remodel you have a more invasive approach where you are […]

Same Kitchen Layout, Different Renovation Styles

We recently embarked on two kitchen renovations that in a way became a sort of a case study. It was really interesting because we had these two kitchens starting with the same layout and similar finishes, but with the Snappy Kitchens treatment they became very different and unique to one another. It’s not often we […]

Flashback Friday Feature: May

We love a good bathroom success story! The original state of this bathroom had good, modern bones, but needed new finishes. Without changing the great layout it already had, we managed to give this space a brand new look! The main goal of the space was to replace the orange hues with more updated tones, […]

Master Bath Must-Haves

Today’s master baths are becoming more and more a space of serenity and luxury. With its humble beginnings as a simple room for a shower and personal care, it’s turning into a habitat for escape and relaxation. Some would say, a ‘spa-like’ experience. With master baths becoming more and more significant, it is important that […]

Gold Tones Are Making a Comeback!

Want to make a bold statement in your kitchen? Are you thirsty for warmer tones in your bathroom? Consider swapping out stainless steel with gold-tone metals such as brass or copper. These warm and exotic hues of rose, orange, or red add an element of excitement and surprise that will set your space apart from […]

Flashback Friday Feature – April

It’s amazing how new countertops, backsplash, appliances and a fresh coat of paint on the walls can change the look of an entire kitchen. With a kitchen that already had good bones, it’s a true case of what we like to call “lipstick and makeup.” The kitchen cabinetry was already white so we left the […]

Concrete in the Kitchen

Want to use concrete in your next kitchen remodel project? Well, look no further! Stylish concrete finishes are sneaking their way into our homes via flooring, backsplash, countertops, and more! No matter what your style, concrete can mesh well in many applications, all the way from modern to a more traditional look.  Now, in case you […]

remodel your kitchen island

The Advantages of Having a Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island in your home is a great way to add versatility to your kitchen. Kitchen islands serve different purposes, some house the sink, some house the cooktop, and some only house storage. Whichever island type you fall into, there are many advantages to having one. Kitchen islands today are becoming more and […]

houzz 2017 best of service award

Snappy Kitchens Awarded 2017 Best of Houzz Service

We, at Snappy Kitchens, your Dallas and Atlanta-area kitchen and bath designers, are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row we have received the “2017 Best of Houzz Service” award. To be selected for this Houzz award, 5-star reviews, page popularity and satisfaction are considered. We are proud and honored to […]