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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting may be a surprising topic when it comes to kitchen remodeling, but it is actually a very important topic that needs special planning, even in the beginning stages of design. With Snappy kitchens projects, most of the time we do not have to worry about general lighting because our project scopes normally do […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A Classic Powder Bath

Our sister company was in full-swing with remodeling this client’s kitchen, so we set out to renovate their powder bath! The bathroom was already in great condition but just needed a little Snappy TLC.  With new door and drawer fronts, countertops, and plumbing fixtures, we were able to give this space a new look, all […]

Client Interview Post Project

Today, we are doing something a little different. We are sharing with you a client interview post-project! While we are fully aware of what goes on during the project, we don’t have to live through it. I mean, it is a big decision to go through a renovation and a lot of stress on your […]

Flashback Friday Feature: A Regal Masterbath

While our sister company was busy remodeling our client’s kitchen, we had the task of renovating their grand master bath. We say grand because size wise, this space could essentially be the size of a small apartment. The space was complete with high-beamed ceilings, stained glass window, and lots of space to work with. But, […]

4 Ways to Design an Epic Shower

While I am writing up this blog, I catch myself wondering what is the sole purpose of our master bathrooms? It may not have one single purpose, rather there are many! The bathroom is where we typically get dressed, do our grooming, do our hair, makeup, and our cleansing! Which is why I want to […]

How to Design for a Baking Friendly Kitchen

The holidays may be over, but baking goods such as cookies, dinner rolls, and cakes happens all year round! Whether you consider yourself an amateur or a professional baker, you require space and proper functionality in your kitchen for baking! It’s not only the oven that does all the work. Ask yourself these questions: Where will […]

Kitchens You Wish You Were Cooking in This Thanksgiving!

We hope you all are cozying up with family and friends today as we celebrate Thanksgiving! Maybe you’re responsible for hosting, or possibly responsible for bringing a dish to the celebration. Whichever boat you’re in, we hope it’s a fabulous day for all! But speaking of preparing dishes, we all know that oven can, and […]

Flashback Friday Feature

The very first thing you may notice about the original kitchen is that the original cabinets are quite orange. On top of that, the wallpaper in the space was a beige-ish-yellow tone, making the whole space very dull with no sense of brightness or contrast. After meeting with our client’s for the first time, one […]

Wood Tile Floors

Have you noticed all the rage with using “wood tile” as opposed to actual wood? When our clients started to request this material more and more, we began to question why this material was so popular and began to wonder if our clients were forgetting about real wood. Well, turns out wood-tile is so attractive […]

Flashback Friday Feature

As a kitchen design firm, we love transforming spaces to fit our clients’ styles and needs. Plus, it makes our job that much easier when a client knows precisely what they want, and how they want it. That’s just the case for this kitchen! We began with discussing layout and functionality, new appliances, and new […]