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Kitchen Estimate Tool

Introducing the Snappy Kitchen Wizard!  I would welcome any wizard to work magic in my house but a Snappy Wizard? Now that deserves a celebration! And if your house is like my house, the celebration is always in the kitchen. Which reminds me, isn’t it time to spruce up that old kitchen? Time to visit [...]

Why Snappy Kitchens?

The Process, the big P word. It’s what holds so many of us back from change. But what if someone could eliminate the scary part of “the process” and make it, well, a SNAP? Welcome to Snappy Kitchens! This cool new concept for kitchens will blow you away and have you redesigning your small, outdated, underused or [...]

Pull the Plug on Water Waste

Here at Snappy Kitchens, we love being green. Environmentally friendly habits and equipment can save more than our mother Earth – they can save dollars too! Yet changing your lifestyle can be tough. It’s easy to fall back into old habits. That’s why designer Maja Ganszyniec created theplugless sink. Without a plughole, it’s impossible to [...]

Turn on the Heat and Turn up the Color

Tiles come in a million different colors, styles and sizes but if you’re looking for something truly unique, leave the hardware store and check out Moving Color. They make touch sensitive ceramic tiles that are sure to be a major conversation piece in your kitchen or bathroom. These would make walking on a cold tile [...]