Exciting ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bath

Looking for some simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without going all-out on a full remodel? Well, there are certainly many ways of revamping your kitchen or bath without having to rip everything out, and coincidentally, that’s our specialty :-). Whether you’re looking for help from a professional or not, there are many ways to go about giving your kitchen or bath a new life, even if you go about it on your own! However, we do have to put in a disclaimer that it would be smart to have a professional handle some of these items. I don’t know about you, but making sure everything is done correctly certainly puts us at ease. Either way, I think at some point we start noticing things we dislike while living in our homes. For example, we had a client who absolutely loved granite when they moved into their home, but after learning about quartz, they quickly changed their minds and changed to quartz. Until they finally decided to switch, they spent their day’s day-dreaming about those quartz tops. During the switch, they also decided to have their cabinets refinished, giving the space a completely new look! It was almost as if we had come in and done a full remodel. So today, we want to give you some great ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen without going the stretch of doing a full remodel, read more about it below!

Add some splash with new backsplash

Living with old backsplash, no backsplash, or  just looking for something more vibrant? Well, with backsplash you can have some fun with colors, designs, and materials, all of which will be sure to add some “splash” to your space!

Create openness with glass front cabinets

Replacing a few cabinet door fronts with glass is a great way to create a feeling of openness in the kitchen. It’s also a great way to display china or those pieces for special occasions. Also, something to consider is to add lighting inside the cabinet to illuminate what’s on display.

Add some light with under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is not only good for task lighting, but it’s also great for those late night snacks where you don’t have to light up the entire kitchen to make a good sandwich :-). Plus, it just looks good and it shows off the backsplash!

Revitalize the kitchen with new countertops

We touched on this in the introduction, but it is important enough to be reiterated. Countertops are a vital ingredient to any kitchen or bath and utilized several times daily. With so many options of countertop materials out there, you’re sure to find what works best for you!

Create order with new storage solutions

Don’t you wish every kitchen or bath automatically came with great storage solutions? Well, the truth is, most homes come with standard builder grade cabinetry which typically do not contain anything other than shelves inside. Well, the good news, you can always go back and add some neat storage solutions! These include waste pull outs, spice racks, roll-out drawers, tray dividers, and the list goes on!

Revamp cabinets with paint or new door and drawer fronts

This is the number one request we receive, refinishing or replacing cabinet door and drawer fronts. A simple way to make your kitchen look as if it were brand new!

Make a statement with new pendant lighting

If you want change but don’t want to go all out with new countertops or backsplash then try something small, like incorporating pendant lighting. This is good option for over kitchen islands, kitchen tables, or even over the bathroom vanity.

Add some jewelry with new fixtures and fittings

Other “minor” things you can do to change things up a bit, is to incorporate new hardware on the cabinets, or even fixtures such as the faucet. Small changes do make a big difference too!

Replace old appliances with new

Living with old, or just outdated appliances? Then it’s simple, make your life easier with new appliances! Today, you will find more energy efficient products and even finishes other than stainless steel such as graphite or even red!

Create specific stations or zones

Typically, we like creating zones in the kitchen. Zones we always incorporate are the cooking and cleaning zones, but who’s to say there can’t be a coffee zone or a bar zone? These types of zones are becoming more and more popular to incorporate into kitchen spaces!