Flashback Friday Feature: June

When we get the opportunity to design a loft bar, we run with it! With a little bit of change of “design” pace, we hit the design table with lots of fun ideas. So, how does one design a loft bar? Well, in this particular space we wanted to give it a modern and masculine vibe while also having a cozy feel. And to top it off, we added sports memorabilia, and some classic neon lights you find in actual bars giving it a real bar-like feel (is it 5 o’clock yet?!)! So, if you want to learn more about this fun space, keep reading and we will give you all the details!


As you know, the Snappy Kitchens business model is to work with existing cabinetry. However, there are some instances that do require new cabinets. So yes, we do take on projects requiring minor amounts of cabinets- such as this one!  Here, we have modern style cabinets from Kemper, in a Troxel door style, and a finish in Obsidian. Finding the right cabinet finish for the space was very important to our client, and the finished result couldn’t be better!


What’s more fitting in a wet-bar than quartz countertops? Quartz tops are designed to last and is a perfect solution for areas known to get wet once in a while, such as this space! Here we have 3cm quartz countertops from Caeserstone in Sleek Concrete. It’s a wonderful grey balance to all the different hues of brown.

Brick wall

Now this is the fun part. A WHOLE BRICK WALL. Overall, it gives off warmth and adds amazing character to the entire space. Plus, it gives it an industrial-type look, a perfect touch to our modern-masculine space. Did you know that exposed brick started to become popular because it was cheaper to leave them exposed than to repair or replace the wall? Well today, people are intentionally installing brick to give it that same look! Here we have brick from Brick It, and we love the design element it gives to the entire space.


Lastly, to top off the space and give it a personal touch, we hung various types of neon lights you typically will find in real bars. These might be the stocked beers in the beverage fridge (from Perlick), only the guests enjoying this space will know! On the floating shelves (custom) we have sports memorabilia, as well as helmets displayed on the countertop, it’s safe to say our client is a sports fan!

We hope you enjoyed this space and hopefully gave you some design inspiration! Check in with us again next month!