Gold Tones Are Making a Comeback!

Want to make a bold statement in your kitchen? Are you thirsty for warmer tones in your bathroom? Consider swapping out stainless steel with gold-tone metals such as brass or copper. These warm and exotic hues of rose, orange, or red add an element of excitement and surprise that will set your space apart from others. Now, we’re not telling you to go swap out all the stainless in your kitchen because there are subtle ways to incorporate this diverse metal, whether it be an appliance or even your utensils. Get ready to feel the warmth and explore some ideas below!


Adding brass straps to a stainless hood is a subtle yet custom way to add flare to any kitchen. The great thing about gold-tone metals is that you don’t need much to make an impact. In the image below we have a kitchen with mainly stainless steel elements, but that pop of brass sure makes the space stand out. Feeling the warmth yet?!

Plumbing Fixtures

Don’t want to commit with the hood? Why not incorporate gold tones in your plumbing fixtures? It’s something you could easily swap out a few years down the road if you ever change your mind (but how can you go wrong with gold tones?!). In the plumbing world you can essentially get any style faucet with a variety of finishes, and gold-tones metals being one of them.

beautiful kitchen sink remodel


Is it safe to say that brass/gold is making a comeback? We sure think so! Maybe there is room for some gold-tone lighting fixtures in your space? This is another simple way to incorporate a gold flare to your space. We are getting more and more requests of incorporating these tones into our clients’ spaces as it’s becoming more and more popular. If you’re unsure, but still want to try, start with a lighting fixture!


Cabinet hardware is the last and final touch we add to any space. It’s also what we like to call the cabinet “jewelry”. Here you have a chance to choose from hundreds, or even thousands, of styles of hardware plus a variety of finishes to go along with each. What will you choose next time?


Now this element does not belong in the actual design of your kitchen, but it does belong in your kitchen drawers. Why not start with gold-tone utensils? A non-permanent but beautiful element to add to your dinner table!

Thanks for visiting and exploring gold-tone metals with us today! Now the question remains, will you stick with stainless or go for gold next?