Jump back in time with a Retro Style Kitchen!

They say history repeats itself, and so does décor. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing Elvis’ beautiful beaming voice in a setting reminiscent to his time? Retro style kitchens are fun, energetic, homey, and classic. They are like having pieces of history in your home. Any color pallete can be chosen, and varieties of each color can be used in a retro kitchen. The appliances in a retro kitchen are colorful and fun. Choosing the right colors, materials, and appliances can be beneficial to your goal of having a complete retro style kitchen. The edges of appliances, countertops, refrigerators, and chairs are often rounded. However, in modern retro styles some edges are square. Handles and knobs are very big and dominant, always seeming to make the kitchen pop. Feel free at any time to jump into the time machine and have your own retro kitchen!