Same Kitchen Layout, Different Renovation Styles

We recently embarked on two kitchen renovations that in a way became a sort of a case study. It was really interesting because we had these two kitchens starting with the same layout and similar finishes, but with the Snappy Kitchens treatment they became very different and unique to one another. It’s not often we get the opportunity to design two of the same kitchens at the same time, and they are too good not to share! Needless to say, it was exciting to see the development of design and also exploring the different styles and needs from each client!

What changed?

Aside from the finishes, a major change in both kitchens was taking the island and stretching it to the wall allowing for a wider work surface. Adding more work space was definitely a common goal between both clients. Now, in one of the kitchens, the clients decided to swap the cooktop and oven to a range and move it to the island.

In place of where the oven was, we incorporated a wine unit, and a wine rack with a wine glass holder; something they wanted to incorporate from the start. The other kitchen incorporated a wine unit in the island without moving any of the other appliances. So, changing out some of the layout of the appliances is already making the kitchens unique to one another.

Different Styles:

The most obvious thing that sets each space apart is what we see with the eye, and that is the design style, colors, and finishes. While one kitchen has all-white cabinets, the other one incorporated a gr-eige finish to the island. The colors alone help make each space have their own distinctive character. Next, the tile backsplash is the same material but different colors, and one has incorporated the same backsplash material on the back of the island. The same goes for the quartz countertop in each space, same materials but different color, and one has a waterfall the other one doesn’t. At this point, we are seeing one of the spaces becoming a little more modern than the other.  Notice something similar with the faucet and the picture frame over the faucet? These two elements are the same in each space!

What other similarities and differences do you see?