We Love Designing With Herringbone!

Herringbone here, herringbone there, herringbone everywhere! Herringbone is a great pattern to use to add pattern and texture to a space. Not only is it elegant, but it can be used in many different applications. When we design with the herringbone pattern, we create it with rectangular pieces of tile, and our talented tile installers will install the pieces creating the pattern. Think, herringbone in flooring, walls, backsplashes, fireplaces, picture frames as accent, showers, and more! The great thing about this pattern is not only is it used in traditional styles, but it can be used in all styles. Are you ready for some herringbone?! Check out some of our favorite applications below:

Two-Tone Backsplash with a Vertical Herringbone

In this application we utilized not only two different sizes of tile, but also two different colors of tile. thereby adding interest to the space. The larger tile is a 4 ½ “ x 8 ½ “, while the smaller herringbone pattern tile is a 3 x 6 tile. The pop of the two different finishes and patterns is sure to add a wonderful design element to the space.

Breaking Up the Backsplash

A great way to break up a brick-lay subway tile application is to incorporate a new pattern! No need to introduce a different tile because the pattern switch alone helps break up the design. Here we have a 3×6 marble tile and also a 2×12 chair rail to outline the pattern change in the same material. The cool thing is, this can be done with any type of rectangular tile, and just by switching it up we have added an interesting design element to the space!

Vertical Herringbone in the Bathroom

Want to add some luxury to your bathroom space? Consider adding tile to the walls. If you’re considering adding tile to the walls, why not do it in a herringbone pattern? In this powder bath, we have a vertical herringbone application with a 3×6 marble tile. The texture of the pattern, and the characteristics of the marble, give this space lots of movement – great for a powder bath!

Herringbone on the Floor

Lastly, herringbone is not just for walls, it’s also great on floors! Here we have a really neat application of herringbone, using a larger scale tile at 8×32. It pulls in colors from the kitchen and really adds a dramatic interest to the space. Now that you’ve seen some different ways of using the herringbone pattern, how will you use it in your space?