Painting Cabinets? Not as DIY as You Think

We’ve all been at the point in our lives where we want change, and we want it now! Well, same goes for the spaces in our homes. We may grow tired of the color scheme so we paint the walls, or maybe the couch is old and you’ve been eyeing a new one, or you might even feel like your home needs a complete makeover so you do a complete redo. Well, which ever boat your in, I’m sure we’ve all been there one way or another.

Something we’ve heard from our clients quite often is they have gotten sick of their kitchen cabinets, and as a “quick” weekend project have picked up some paint and a paintbrush to give their cabinets a new look. And quite frequently, this is the exact reason they have called us, “please come fix what I have done!”.  There are countless times we have gotten the call of “well, I painted the cabinets myself and I did a bad job”, or “I tried to DIY paint my cabinets and I keep seeing streak marks and scratches and now I need someone to fix it”. Well, lucky for them, they have called the right people!

We’re not saying don’t try DIY’ing your cabinets, but at the same time, we’re saying be careful and do your research before jumping in! So, if you’re thinking of going the DIY route to paint your cabinets, take a look at one of our current projects and we’ll give you a basic rundown of what to expect:


A lot more goes into painting cabinets than you think, but before you even think of painting, the very first step is we need to confirm you have wooden cabinetry.


Now we are ready, so we remove all door and drawer fronts, fill all holes with putty, and then sand. Having an organizational system is vital to know where the door or drawer front reattaches.

Prep the Space

Next, we close off the entire kitchen or bathroom space, cover the floors, countertops, appliances, and we also tape off the interior of the cabinets to prevent paint from getting inside.

Paint Method Matters

There are several ways to go about painting, but in our experience, there really is only one good way: using a sprayer. This prevents brush stroke lines and is a more consistent coverage solution. The likelihood of chipping is also much lower because there aren’t air pockets, which are caused by a paintbrush.

Type of Paint

So, what type of paint? Well, there are many types of paint on the market, and the best one to use is an oil-based paint because of its durability.

Almost complete!

While this project still has some finishing touches to do, you can see how the space transformed with good quality workmanship with the painting of the cabinetry.

From our experience, if you’re thinking of painting your cabinets, consider hiring a professional. When hiring a professional you have the insurance of everything being done correctly, neatly, and the result will look like you installed brand new cabinets! Besides, you wouldn’t want to risk having to go through this process twice!