Selecting a New Kitchen Faucet

With so many options out there, we get that it can be overwhelming to pick out something so simple as a new kitchen faucet. Yes, they may only dispense water, but they also can stand out as a piece of art or make a statement in your space. Faucets today have a vast array of finishes, styles, and functions which may either help you narrow down your selection or simply give you too many options. Read along as we give you some things to consider while selecting your new kitchen faucet:

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From vintage to modern and everything in between, there’s sure to be a faucet for every style. Knowing the style you want for your kitchen is a good place to start. If you want a classic feel, then a vintage faucet would be a good match. There are also different mounting styles such as deck mount, wall mount, and sink mount.  Pay attention to the sink, because that can determine the type of mount you will need.

Our tip:

As mentioned, narrowing down the style of your space is a great place to start. Then we can move on to selecting a finish.

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The finishes are where the fun is. What you should ask yourself is do you want your faucet to pop or blend in? Popular finishes today are the ones that stand out, such as gold tones. Typically, the faucet finish will match whatever the accent finish is. For example, if you have brass hardware on your cabinetry, then most likely you will lean towards a matching brass faucet.

Our tip:

Let the accents lead the way.

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Faucets really have come a long way. Today you can find a faucet that pretty much fits every need. Even if you don’t want any features, you can get that too! Deciding between a pull-down spray, side spray, LED lighting, touch-less, and chef’s hose, are just some of the features to choose from. Really, knowing what you want from your faucet is key. Our most popular feature that clients want is a faucet with a pull down spray for easy cleaning.

Our tip:

Yes, there are tons of fun features but there is no need for LED lighting if you don’t have a use for it. Simply, go with what you really need.