Top Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Have you ever noticed how people tend to gravitate toward and congregate in the kitchen? It doesn’t matter how spacious and cozy the rest of your house is, house guests and children love spending time under the bright lights and aromatic confines of the kitchen.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the best part of the house, and it’s essential to keep this in mind when designing and remodeling. So we here at Snappy Kitchens would like to share some of the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes people make when planning for their future.

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

  1. More Counter Space. What good is a kitchen if it isn’t capable of meeting your cooking needs? To better plan for the amount of counter space you will need, make a list of all the things you need counter space ranging from hosting dinner parties to kids doing their homework in the kitchen (which is all too common)!
  2. Establish The Golden Triangle. This is a good rule of thumb when designing a kitchen. The point is that you want to have the three areas of greatest activity (refrigerator, stove and sink) all accessible without anything else in the way.
  3. Storage Room. The kitchen is the most important real estate in your home. With that said, don’t spend all of your money in one place – design. Make sure and account for your practical needs.
  4. The Right Island. Kitchen islands can make or break a kitchen. A poorly designed island can cause you more problems and prove to be a downright disaster. To establish a good kitchen flow, leave 48″ of open area around islands and make your island at least 3’X5′. This will help you avoid pinch points and bottlenecks during the hustle and bustle of cooking.
  5. Lots of Light! It’s important to install enough lighting in your kitchen to accommodate all of the various activities that will take place in the kitchen. A good combination of fluorescent ceiling, strip lighting, hanging lights and track lighting can help you get the lighting you need.
  6. Good Ventilation. Nobody likes the lingering smell of eggs or fish tacos. Use fans to route stale, smelly air out of thekitchen via ductwork to the outside of your house. Be sure to have at least one window that you can open in the kitchen. This is also helpful in case you burn something.
  7. Organize Trash. One of the best ways to avoid a stinky kitchen garbage can is to recycle. Separating your trash will alienate the stinky stuff from the recyclables and help keep your kitchen odor-free and organized.
  8. 20 Percent Rule. It’s generally recommended that the total cost of your kitchen remodeling project should not exceed 20% of your home’s value. Typically, you can expect to recover up to 8% of the 20% invested, which isn’t great, but it can make the difference between selling and not selling.
  9. Think Twice! Before finalizing everything with your kitchen remodeler, make sure it’s what you really want. Think again about the colors, the shapes, the styles and the overall look of your new kitchen. Make sure it’s something you’ll really be happy with. There’s a fine line between popular and trendy. Make sure your redesign will be attractive to future buyers.
  10. Choose Wisely. Choosing to work with an experienced contractor can really make your kitchen remodeling experience much better. Ask a lot of questions, have your ideas written down on paper and communicate your ideas, your wants and needs clearly as to avoid confusion

If you have any questions about kitchen design or remodeling, please contact us! We’d love to hear your ideas and discuss what we can accomplish together!