Why You Should Visit Our Showroom

Planning a renovation in the future? Then I assume you are looking for inspiration all over the internet, checking out Houzz, Pinterest, sifting through magazines, and well, you catch my drift. We totally understand how so many of these sites provide inspiration and honestly, these are places we go to for inspiration too! But we are here to tell you that visiting a showroom will give you inspiration and information that websites and magazines can’t. A showroom can allow you to touch materials, speak to designers, and learn about different options. So, why don’t you take a look below as to what a showroom can offer you:

Touch and see

This is probably the biggest reason why you should visit a showroom! Images online and in magazines can look different in real life, and also in different lighting (don’t get me started on paint colors). With so many different kinds of materials out there it’s good to “get to know” the options by getting to know how they feel and seeing what they look like in a natural setting. Coming to a showroom also allows you to play around with materials by creating palettes and swapping out finishes to see what looks good together. This helps narrow down all the options, ultimately creating your design!

Get inspiration

Maybe you’re not ready for a renovation quite yet and you’re just looking for ideas. Well, you’re not the only one. I think we all look for inspiration every day. For us, it’s learning about new materials, seeing new trends and ways to do our designs. For you, it may mean looking at photos and finishes for your dream kitchen. Wherever you are in your renovation development, getting ideas and inspiration from visiting a showroom is a great way to start the process!

Talk with knowledgeable designers

Speaking with a knowledgeable designer can help steer you to where you should be along with budget, can help you with tricky design, and will educate you on finishes. Yes, you may find your answers from a website, but you will get a better answer or explanation talking one-on-one with a designer. Whether you work with a designer or not, learning about the design process and everything that entails can help save you time and money.